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Network Operations Center
Network Operations Center

With X10 Managed Network Services, you maintain control of your overall network strategy while our team of certified experts monitor day-to- day operations, manage maintenance and upgrades, and rapidly respond to any interruptions.

Our Managed Services offer full range of options that would be best suited for your business needs. Whether it is a turn-key managed network or security operations, or co-managed service augmentation, or incident response and on-demand services, our flexible service package options, along with 24/7 operations, monitoring and support can be structured to meet your requirements.

X10 Networks manages systems, network and security operations supporting organizations of various sizes and verticals which include Education, Retail, Municipalities, Enterprise, Energy, HealthCare where we are supporting and managing operations and security for thousands of devices and systems.

  • IT staff do not always have time or expertise to proactively login and check criticak on regular basis
    This results in devices being outdated and can create performance issues in the short and long term. In most cases, system patching and updates are more reactive than proactive approach.
  • Customers have network management tools, not fine-tuned and in many cases overcomplicated
    Monitoring information needs to be analyzed by an expert which takes time and expertise and needs to become part of the daily review practice in order to review and interpret the results and troubleshoot the important issues.
  • Eventually many of the alerts go unnoticed
    Our monitoring solution offers a network management platform and alert analysis, at which point the customer is notified about critical issues. Devices are up-to-date and performance issues to not develop. This frees up hundreds of hours in IT time annually and allows IT staff to concentrate on macro tasks instead of micromanaging daily alerts.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reduce investment in staff training
  • Reduce management overhead
  • Reduce labour and time to manage and troubleshoot network and security issues
  • Increase end-user satisfaction
  • Have regular access to industry experts
  • Increase productivity by allowing staff to focus on other tasks
  • Managed network and security implementation based on Industry Best Practices

  • Full service IT support for all supported devices
  • Support for break/fix on hardware with a manufacturer support contract
  • Remote and on-site support for configuration and installation of new and existing equipment
  • Remote and on-site support for configuration and installation of new and existing equipment
  • Full-service security and network management and remediation for firewall devices, network switches, WAN routers, Internet content filtering, intrusion prevention, wireless security management and asset management
  • Deployment and management of our anti-virus agent for services and desktop included software as part of managed services
  • Assistance with hardware and software POCs for new system acquisitions
  • 24 x 7 and 8 x 5 phone and on-site support
  • Infrastructure and system planning with business leaders and statement of work for potential projects
  • Quarterly back-up, restore and business continuity testing for clients with cloud back-up and business continuity services
  • Deployment and management of our agent for remote control, alerting, reporting, and patch management included as part of your managed services contract
  • Support and remediation for all data center systems under the support contract.
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