Technology Assessment and Roadmap
Technology Assessment and Roadmap
Technology Assessment and Roadmap

X10 Networks works with the customer to develop a sustainable IT and Security framework to address those risks, challenges and opportunities most integral to the district. Through proper discovery, assessment and implementation processes, our goal is to establish IT Infrastructure and Management service solutions based on our customer’s core needs.

A gap analysis in business applications and technology compared to other customers within industry vertical and its best practices include:

  • Recommendations for business applications and IT architecture
  • IT risk assessment in order to identify the single point of failure for critical IT infrastructure in relation to business continuity and security practices
  • Business case analysis of requirements for the type of level of service that should be contracted compared to in-house.

Establishment of a roadmap in line with your company’s goals will allow a clear understanding of the existing state of IT infrastructure and future growth requirements over the next 3-5 years. From day one, our focus will be to provide recommendations; supported by best practices, in the industry. We do this by establishing a partner centric model to assist with strategic planning and establishment of a shared vision of success!

Phase I – On-site Meeting and Information Gathering

  • Site visits
  • IT infrastructure review and analysis
  • Performance network security and diagnostic information collection
  • Client infrastructure assessment
  • High level strategic applications assessment and review of best practices
  • IT infrastructure assessment and review of best practices
  • Communications infrastructure assessment and review of best practices
  • Business Applications assessment and review of best practices

Phase II – Information Analysis and Best Practices

  • IT Support coverage (Support processes and support tools)
  • Network Infrastructure (Wifi, LAN, WAN, BYOD)
  • Security Infrastructure Assessment (Firewalls, Perimeter and Edge Security)
  • IT Infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Backup Disaster Recovery)
  • Workstations
  • Mobile Infrastructure (Laptops, Tablets, BYOD, Etc.)
  • Business Applications
  • SCADA, BMS, IOT, OT Infrastructure

Phase III – Report Preparation and Review

  • Draft report and review to ensure information accuracy
  • Final report and approval

Phase IV – Strategic IT Roadmap and Presentation

  • Presentation of the final report, executive summary and strategic IT roadmap
  • Executive Summary report and recommendations
  • Technical report including a break down into projects and associated infrastructure upgrades
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